Benefits of Solar Spot Lights

Spot lights are not just for rock concerts and Broadway shows. There are many ways to use them around your home’s exterior as well. You can use them to add safety to a stairwell, prevent intruders from entering your home or show off your favorite rose bush. If you should decide to use them, consider installing solar spot lights. Learning the advantages of this option will help you decide whether they are right for your home.

Solar spot lights are highly energy efficient. Since they are operated solely using power from the sun, they will save you money and help the environment over time. In addition, they are not particularly expensive to purchase either, so you do not have to anticipate a large upfront investment prior to seeing a savings once you are using them.

They are extremely easy to install. Since they do not require direct electricity, there is no wiring to worry about and typically, no special tools required. You can install them virtually anywhere, staking them into the ground, hanging them from the eaves of your home or even attaching them to siding, brick or trees in your yard.

Solar spot lights are very safe to use, as well. Again, they need no wiring, so there is no risk of electrical shock when installing the lights or afterward. You can confidently place them near a swimming pool or other water source with no qualms, and you do not need to be concerned about wires being struck or cut when pets dig, children play or you spend time gardening in your yard.
Finally, they are easy to maintain. You should wipe them regularly with a damp, soft cloth to remove dust and dirt that builds up over time.

Clean your solar spot lights thoroughly annually by taking them apart and carefully swabbing away grime. They do require batteries, but they generally last a year or longer, and you can always buy a set of rechargeable batteries to make your lights even more frugal and environmentally friendly.

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