LED Lighting Concepts

LED Lighting Concepts

Although they are more expensive than CFLs, LED lights remain an extremely viable green lighting option. Indeed, while their cost is a very real factor, what they offer in return for their cost is a number of added benefits. They burn cool, do not use mercury, and they stand up to shocks dramatically better than either CFLs or traditional incandescent bulbs. Thats not all, they offer an attractive light which makes them ideal for design conscious users.

Below are a few LED lighting ideas.

Outdoors. LED lighting is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting. Along with its advantages in terms of sustainability, it is a safer kind of outside illumination that can be especially effective for decorative purposes. The array of attractive colors and the striking effects they can create make them an especially good choice for holiday and party decoration. Moreover, their increased sturdiness and durability means that they often last far longer in the rough and tumble of the great outdoors and can therefore be reused year after year. LEDs are a new celebratory tradition.

Indoors. LEDs are also ideal for interiors. While many of these lights are essentially similar to traditional household lights, they also offer a number of more creative options that may be appropriate for fashioning creative effects around the house. Indeed, the possibilities of this kind of energy efficient and environmentally safe lighting is really only limited by the user's fertile imagination.

Speaking of fertility, many avid green consumers also, not surprisingly, benefit from having green thumbs. Serious indoor gardeners have long been aware of the benefits of LED lighting. In particular, the fact that these lights produce little heat prevents possible burning of plants and is also especially advantageous for gardeners using hydroponics and other specialized types of indoor gardening. These kind of grow lights also fight pollution -- noise pollution, that is. Many indoor grow lights create an annoying low-level buzzing noise. LEDs are blissfully silent. You can almost hear the plants growing.

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