Green on Vacation

Don’t go off your energy diet just because you’re heading out of town.

Timers & Heaters for the home

Put your lights on a timer when you go out of town. Your house will still look like someone is home, but you won’t waste energy by leaving lights on all day long.

Set your heat to 55 degrees and your air conditioning to 85 while you’re away. Turn off your electric water heater. If you have a pool or hot tub, turn off its heater and reduce pump operating times.

Hotels & Motels

When staying at hotels and motels, use the same good energy practices you use at home. Don’t leave the lights and TV on when you leave the room. And do you really change your sheets and towels every day at home?

LOW CARBON DIET TIP: Many hotels offer environmentally friendly towel service and the option not to have your sheets changed every day.

On the town

Finally, when visiting a new city or town take a walking tour or use public transportation to see the sites. You’ll save money, conserve energy and see your destination the way locals do.

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