Limit Electricity Usage - Top 10

1) Unplug

Unplug things from outlets when they are not in use.

2) Surge Protector

Use a Surge Protector and plug multiple plugs into the surge protector and when the items aren't in use, turn off surge protector

3) CFL's

Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

4) Install programmable thermostat

5) Lower your thermostat a degree or 2

6) ENERGY STAR- appliances

Being the most efficient type of appliances, its no wonder why the Energy Star label has grown to be a staple in the appliance industry. If you are looking to run a completely energy efficient kitchen, then be sure that your new appliances brandish this label.

7) Make up your mind

Before opening the refrigerator decide what you want beforehand

8) Turn it off

Turn lights off when leaving a room both at home and in the office.

9) Out with the Old

Replace a tanked water heater with a tank-less model

10) Don't run it unless it's full

Do Full Loads of laundry - washer and dishwasher

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