Being Green Means:

  • Being Green is just as easy when your out and about.
    • Before leaving the house remember to fill up your reusable water bottle.
    • Utilize public transportation, walk, or bike where your going. You're wallet will be a little fatter also.
    • Look for recycling receptacles.

What to Look for:

  • Be Aware of Green resources in your neighborhood.
    • Farmers Markets & Farming Co-Ops are great resources for obtaining locally grown organic produce.
    • Recycling centers for all kinds of items from garbage to appliances to bicycles. Most of these centers also have free pick-up sites as well.
  • Choose green alternatives.
    • Whether your interested in an activity, a product, or a service ask for the green alternative. Most likely there is one.
  • Keep an eye out for well known green certifications:
    • Energy Star, LEED, etc.

What to Avoid:

  • If it seems wasteful or inefficient, its probably not green.
    • High energy consuming products and services.
    • Pretty much anything that seems to be causing pollution.

Featured Partners

Green Apple NYC
  • Provides an interactive base for all green site data worldwide.
  • Invites the public to explore a world of green sites, and then enrich them by adding insights, connections, and multimedia elements in any language.
  • Green Map System offers a direct pathway to the significant ecological, cultural and civic resources near home

Featured Products

Pedalite Self-Powered Safety Bicycle Pedals

The Pedalite Self-Powered Safety Bicycle Pedals are a great example of simple, but highly practical innovation. The award-winning pedals light up as you cycle along the road, except that they don’t need any batteries! The Pedalite pedals replace your existing bicycle pedals to give you a battery-free and maintenance-free safety light system for your bike.

Flashes front, back & sides when pedalling starts for 360 visibility
Keeps flashing even when pedalling stops (up to 5 mins.)
Visible 1 km (over half a mile) away
Very simple, standard fit on all adult & child bikes

Hydropal Filter Water Bottle

The Hydropal Filter Water Bottle is a simple idea that could have a large impact on both your wallet and the planet. The bottle filters water so you can fill it from any tap and get that fresher filtered water taste at any time.

The Hydropal filters out many impurities, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and many other man made chemicals are all removed, though thankfully fluoride is left alone. This then takes away the odd odors and tastes from the water making it fresher tasting.
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