Local Green services

Being Green Means:

Local green services are everywhere, so the next time you need work done on your house, landscaping, gardening, cleaning, or power-washing, consult our local green network of contractors to get your job done the green way. Whatever task you need, it is likely that there is a green alternative.

What to Look for:

  • LEED certified contractors.
  • No VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints.
  • Organic fertilizers and cleaning supplies.
  • Proper disposal of chemicals and by-products of any job.
  • Re-purpose building materials from other jobs. Often when we do renovations, the 2x4’s and plywood can be re-used in other areas of the project, rather than purchasing and wasting new wood products.

What to Avoid:

  • Synthetic chemicals that have any chance of making it back into the water supply via drains or sewers.
  • Ask where building materials are coming from, and try to source them from companies that have a reputable standing with the environment.
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