Being Green Means:

Most of the practices we use at home to be green apply to the office as well, and the smart use of resources in the office helps the business bottom line as well as the Earth. According to a recent study reported by the Center for Media Research, 71% of firms report that they are "somewhat green" to "very green", but firms also believe that their customers think they are less green than they actually are. So if it's your company, make sure your customers know that you are green, with your actions and your words. Make recycling easy for your employees, and keep your packaging simple and recyclable. And if you are an employee, you can still take action at work: Keep electronics on power strips and turn them off when they are not in use. Encourage others to recycle paper and plastic.

What To Look For:

  • Energy-saving equipment that is durable and has a long life
  • Services inside and outside the building that are green (use your corporate buying power)

What To Avoid:

  • Use of unnecessary “disposable” products that create waste
  • Unsafe disposal of electronic and other equipment
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