Water Smart

Being Green Means:

Water is a vital resource to our planet, environment and all of the living things that inhabit it. Pollution, population growth, and drought conditions, have taxed our water resources. Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. Saving water also saves energy. Using less water also puts less pressure on our sewage treatment facilities, and uses less energy for water heating. 6.5% of the energy used in the United States is for pumping and treating water. And for your personal energy bill, using less hot water saves on water heating and a family of four can use up to 400 gallons of water every day.

* Replace your toilet with a high efficiency model that uses less than 1.3 gallons per flush. It can reduce indoor home water usage by 20%
* Fully load your dishwasher, as the same amount of water is consumed regardless of load size.
* Replace your washing machine with an ENERGY STAR qualified model. It can save up to 7K gallons of water per year.
* Use a high efficiency shower head uses 1 gallon per minute less than a regular shower head.

What To Look For:

* WaterSense (EPA certified) high effictiency products use approximately 20% less water and perform as well or better than other products in the same category.
* 36 Billion water bottles end up in landfills each year. Skip disposable water bottles because they are more than likely not recycled and enjoy the same filtered water from your sink or pitcher, with filtering products.
* Used equipment that meets your needs and has life left in it

What To Avoid:

* Excessive personal water use
* Disposable water bottles

Our Partners:

Water Filters Fast
  • Your one stop source for Water Conservation products & Filters
  • Water Filters fast is a service that makes ordering and repacing water filters a breeze.
  • You will even be automatically reminded when your filter's life is expiring and prompt you to place a new order.
Water Fitlers

The Pur Sink Mount water purifier is the perfect way to help the enviromnet, your health, and your money.

A Brita pitcher is the simplest solution to enjoy clean refreshing water.

A few small tweaks to your bathroom habits and fixtures are the easiest ways to reducing your personal water usage.

Reusable Water Bottles

It's not just a fad: One change in your daily routine can have a profound affect on your carbon footprint. Avoid using disposable water bottles.

SIGG Metro Mug
- $ 27.50
The SIGG Metro Mug is a 13 oz. vacuum insulated mug that can be filled with the steamy soup or beverage of your choice.

Klean Kanteen 40 oz. Bottles
- $ 25.95
Ban the bottle - the plastic bottle that is. Try the Klean Kanteen reusable bottle and up your water intake while decreasing your plastic consumption.

See BuyGreen Standards detail for this product

Wide Mouth

SIGG Wide Mouth 1.0L
- $ 23.99
The new SIGG wide mouth bottles have a large opening for ice cubes and easy cleaning and a small top for easy drinking without dribbling. Extrusion pressed from a single puck of Aluminum in Switzerland, this bottle features the same liner as all our other SIGG bottles. BPA FREE, and this bottle will pay for itself after 10-15 uses!

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