Top 10 lists easy ways to be green

This section will provide easy ways to think GREEN...

1) Top 10 Ways to be Green around the House

2) Top 10 ways to limit Electric Consumption

3) Top 10 Ways to be Green on Vacation

4) Top 10 Ways to be Green on the College Campus

How to use our Top 10’s

Keep in mind, that it’s not an all or nothing situation. Do what you can. Use one of our tips each day or week to help fight global warming, and preserve our earth.

Most people have heard of global warming. But few people understand that if we don’t do something about it soon, it could be too late to reverse serious consequences.

Global warming happens because gases emitted chiefly by power plants and cars trap heat inside our atmosphere. Large-scale solutions are necessary, such as switching to cleaner energy sources. But there are also dozens of things each one of us can do, right now, to begin making a difference. This consumer guide is full of positive, practical advice. Government and business each have crucial roles to play. But individual Americans must also start taking positive action, or else our children and grandchildren will surely pay the price.


Any serious dieter knows that you’ve got to count calories. If we’re serious about fighting global warming, we have to start counting “carbs,” as in carbon dioxide. That’s one of the main ingredients causing global warming. So here is your chance to start on a “low carbon” diet. And remember: saving energy isn’t just good for the planet. It’s also good for your pocketbook.

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