Ice Caps & Innovation

Disappearing Arctic Ice Caps

Al Gore tells the U.N. Climate Conference in Denmark that new data suggests that the arctic polar ice cap may disappear in the summertime as soon as five to seven years from now.The former vice president joined the foreign ministers of Norway and Denmark in presenting two new reports on melting arctic ice.Arctic Ocean sea ice has shrunk to record low levels the past several summers.Also in Denmark, developing countries have agreed to end their boycott of the climate talks.European officials say the poorer countries were given assurances that the rich nations arent conspiring to weaken their commitments to cutting greenhouse gases.




MITs Copenhagen Wheel

At the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change the researchers at MIT unveiled the Copenhagen Wheel. The wheel basically stores up energy as you ride it, to then release the energy back as a boost when you need it most. The wheel can also communicate with your iPhone offering a myriad of features.

The mechanics of the Copenhagen Wheel are all housed under the bright red plastic centre. Inside, the main feature to the wheel is a device that stores the kinetic energy given off by the rider applying the breaks. This energy is taken in by an electric motor which then stores it into batteries. The batteries then release this energy to power the motor when the wheel senses you are struggling. This means that when you put more effort into riding, like riding uphill for instance, the bike gives you an extra boost from the power you have stored from breaking. It is thought this will help people be able to travel further by bike and make the whole ride smoother.


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